Elephantback touring through Nepal


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Elephantback touring through Nepal
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Elephantback touring through Nepal
Question: I’ll be attending a conference in northern India the last week of January and would like to add on — before or after the conference — a two- or three-week trekking or walking holiday in India, Nepal, or Pakistan.

Could you advise me as to what sort of trips are available? I’m looking to join a reasonably small guided group of good quality that has an emphasis on the unusual. Many thanks.

Kate McCallum
Cape Town, South Africa

An elephantback tour of a national
park in Nepal fits the bill

Adventure Adviser: I was excited to answer your question because there are dozens of great treks in that part of the world, but when I started looking at the dates for which you inquired, I found there are very, very few trips offered the last week in January.

I’ve given you the only option I could find, but I’d also suggest calling the following outfitters to find out if they offer custom trips on demand: KE Adventure Travel (800-497-9675), Geographic Expeditions (800-777-8183), Wilderness Travel (800-368-2794), Asian Pacific Adventures (213-935-3156), and Journeys East (800-527-2612).

The one trip I did find that leaves during your specific time slot is Overseas Adventure Travel’s 17-day Nepal lodge-to-lodge trip. You’ll trek for six days along the ancient trails in the Himalayan Annapurna Range, spend a few days searching for tigers and rhinos on elephantback in Chitwan National Park, and then raft for two days down the Seti River.

According to OAT’s scale, this trek is considered challenging and they caution you’ll be trekking approximately five hours per day at an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet. The trip costs $3,490, but that includes airfare from the United States. For more information call OAT at 800-955-1925.

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