Enjoying a week in Puerto Rico


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Enjoying a week in Puerto Rico
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Enjoying a week in Puerto Rico
Question: My wife and I will be traveling to Puerto Rico after Easter. I am a peanut geneticist and I have work to do in Isabela. I have stayed at El Guaha Taca (spelling?) Any suggestions for sightseeing and other places to stay? We will be there one week. Thanks.

Corley Holbrook
Tifton, GA

Be sure to save time to enjoy Puerto
Rico’s beautiful and accessible beaches

Adventure Adviser: Consider going around the corner to Rincón, the westernmost point in Puerto Rico and about a 25-mile drive from Isabela. The draw here is watersports of all kinds–international surfing competitions are held here in the 10-foot breakers offshore, the diving and snorkeling are primo off Playa Bajura, and expert
windsurfers find plenty to rave about as well.

A good bet for accommodations is the high-end Horned Dorset Primavera (809-823-4030), an elegant Spanish colonial inn on a private beach that rents doubles for $140-$220 a night.

While you’re busy with your peanut analysis, your wife can check out the 100-foot-high Rincón lighthouse on Maria’s Beach or one of the 14 other beaches in town. Augadilla, just north of Rincón and a few miles closer to Isabella, is also worthy of a closer look, mostly because of its great beaches and historical sites. Columbus is said to have first stepped
onto Puerto Rican soil somewhere in this area on his second voyage in 1493. Appropriately, Parque Colón (Columbus Park) boasts a hundred-year-old statue of the explorer. Beachside activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing; contact Aquatica Underwater Adventures (809-382-6437).

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