Ever heard of this remote Caribbean island?


Week of December 18-24, 1997
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Ever heard of this remote Caribbean island?
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Ever heard of this remote Caribbean island?
Question: I have some clients who wish to visit an island off the coast of Colombia. They do not know the name, but know that it is unknown to gringos. But they had some friends stay there and said it was a great getaway. Any ideas and prices?

James Glashower
Prescott, Arizona

Adventure Adviser: I may be wrong, but I think your clients are thinking of Malpelo Island. However, my impression is that the island is uninhabited, and the only reason people go there is because of the spectacular diving off its shores. To date, I know of only one liveaboard dive boat that makes the 30-hour trip to Malpelo. It’s called the
Inzan Tiger and can be booked through Tropical Adventures (800-247-3483). The Tiger might make a few stops on the actual islands, but most of the time is spent diving off the boat to see huge populations of giant manta rays and hammerhead sharks. As of last year, the price for a 10-day trip on the Inzan Tiger was
$3,495, but the reservationist I spoke with said that he so rarely books the trip that he wasn’t sure if it was available this year.

The only other islands I know of in that part of the world are the Cocos Islands off Costa Rica. Again, only one live-aboard dive boat has a permit to travel there and space fills up so quickly that you have to book your trip nine months in advance. For more details on the Cocos, call the Costa Rica Experts at 800-827-9046.

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