Exploring Iceland by foot


Week of April 23-29, 1998
Exploring Iceland by foot
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Exploring Iceland by foot
Question: Hi, I have six days off in mid-July and would like to go on a four- to five-day trek in Iceland but haven’t got any info on trails. Do you know of any? Thanks.

Janick Wolput
Sherbrooke, QC

Adventure Adviser: Given that Iceland is covered with glaciers, volcanoes and other natural wonders, the hiking is definitely scenic and, in July, the country is bathed in midnight sun. I would suggest trekking in the east side of the country, which is gorged by deep rivers, full of dormant volcanoes and dotted with mountain huts. Here you
could put together a four-day trip that would encompass Vatnajokull icecap, Europe’s largest glacier, and Snaefell, one of Iceland’s highest peaks. You may also consider a visit to Skaftafell National Park, which is surrounded by a glacial lagoon and has numerous trails. From Reykjavik, travel along the southern coast toward Skaftafell. After exploring the park, continue on
toward Snaefell and hike through the surrounding valleys. Egilssel and Muklaskali are two other good hiking bases. For planning purposes and contact numbers, go get yourself a copy of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands.

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