Fabulous trips to Laguna Miramar


Week of August 14-20, 1997
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Fabulous trips to Laguna Miramar
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Fabulous trips to Laguna Miramar
Question: In your August issue, you have a brief article about Laguna Miramar in Chiapas, Mexico. The article was so descriptive and the lake sounded so fabulous, I’m practically packed and ready to go. I need more information, though, and
would appreciate anything you could pass along, particularly any contact information for Fernando Ochoa or his company (if one exists). Also, if there is a Zapata tourism agency in San Cristobal, that info would also be helpful. Please let me know if you have any other information that would be helpful in planning a trip to Laguna Miramar. Thanks for your help.

Kerry Glancy
San Francisco, CA

Adventure Adviser: If you flip through your August 1997 issue to page 68, you’ll see all the information you need about Fernando Ochoa. If you don’t have the issue handy, I’ll help you out: Fernando can be reached at 011-52-967-8-04-68 or
e-mailed at

His trips cost $180 for a four-day trip and generally run from December through May, which is considered the “dry” season. Besides his local expertise, which will come in very handy, Ochoa provides all equipment and food in his price.

Flagstaff, Arizona-based Ceiba Adventures (520-527-0171; offers side jaunts to Laguna Miramar in conjunction with a wild and woolly raft trip on the Class V Jatate River.

Another option is Expediciones Mexico Verde at 011-3-641-10-05. If you’re a fluent Spanish speaker, you could attempt this trip on your own, but keep in mind the political situation in Chiapas remains pretty tense. Also, upon reaching Zapata, you’ll need to register at the municipal building, Casa Ejidal, where guides, porters, and horses can be hired.

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