Fall trip to Zimbabwe, Botswana


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Fall trip to Zimbabwe, Botswana
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Fall trip to Zimbabwe, Botswana
Question: I’m planning a trip to Zimbabwe and Botswana this September. For comparisons, what have been the inflation factors in these countries for the last two years? Any other warnings or tips?

Richard Tash
Deerfield Beach, FL

Adventure Adviser: Lucky for you, neither Zimbabwe or Botswana have made an appearance in the book The World’s Most Dangerous Places, meaning these countries are far safer than some of their bordering neighbors. Luckier yet, there isn’t even a Consular Affairs travel warning out on Zimbabwe or Botswana, so
you can rest assured knowing your travel will be somewhat hassle-free.

As far as inflation rates and other economic indicators, Zimbabwe had a slowdown in inflation in 1996. Then in January 1997, the year-on-year rate dipped to 15.8 percent, but food- and fuel-price increases pushed the rate up to 19 percent. In April, it was at 22.4 percent, forecasted to hit 25-26 percent by mid-year. On an annual average basis, inflation is forecast to come
down slowly, to 20 percent in 1997 and 17 percent in 1998. On an annual average basis, the Zimbabwean dollar is forecast to depreciate to Z$11.5: US $1 in 1997 and Z$12.9:US $1 in 1998.

In Botswana, currency depreciation will remain the major source of inflation. At 10.5 percent in 1997, annual average inflation is expected to be marginally above the 10.1 percent registered in 1996. In 1998, it is expected to fall to 9.5 percent.

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