A fall visit to Moab


Week of October 8-14, 1998
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A fall visit to Moab
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A fall visit to Moab

By Amy Marr

Question: I’m planning on a trip to Moab in October. How about some recommendations on good day-trips and activities for this time of year?

Christiane Rakozy
Wixom, Michigan

Adventure Adviser: This time of year is certainly an ideal time for a Moab visit. Sunny, dry and not-too-hot days are the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventuring. And the peaceful cool evenings make fall camping easy and enjoyable.

But venturing to Moab without a mountain bike? Say it isn’t so. I do hope you’re planning on devoting several days to off-roading, a must in this fat-tire mecca. If you’re not bringing your own bike, fret not — the numerous outfitters in town will set you up in style. And even if you’re not that experienced of a rider, this is the place to
learn, on some of the more gentle trails like Gemini Bridges. Check out the famed Slick Rock either early in the morning or during sunset, a prerequisite for any trip to Moab.

As for other activities, Canyonlands and Arches National Park are within a short drive, and both offer a slew of hiking options, with networks of trails meandering through the area’s signature rock formations. Rafting on the Colorado River — particularly through the 100-mile long Cataract Canyon — is another great option, although depending on your arrival
it may be getting a tad late in the season. Call the Canyonlands National Park office (801-259-7164) for a complete list of outfitters. Further afield, you could visit scenic Natural Bridges National Monument (a few hours southwest) or, just beyond, spend a day aboard a houseboat on Lake Powell. But given the vast splendors of Moab, Arches and Canyonlands, I wouldn’t
suggest wandering too far.

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