Family vacations away from Disneyland


Week of July 31-August 6, 1997
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Family vacations away from Disneyland
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Family vacations away from Disneyland
Question: We are bored with the same old vacations. Where can my wife, 6-year-old son, and I go to have a wonderful time toward the end of summer? We have done the Disneyland, Disneyworld tourist things. We like upscale accommodations and “Master” James has the typical 6-year-old attention span. Thanks a bunch.

Jeff Walker
Acamp, CA

Adventure Adviser: You need to invest in the recently released book Outside Magazine’s Guide to Family Vacations (published in conjunction with Macmillan Travel), which can be found at your local bookstore. But to get you started, here are a few suggestions:

Home of the Sundance Film Festival and Robert Redford’s charming touches, Sundance Lodge is the ultimate in Rocky Mountain high. It offers a complementary kids program centered in a tepee, which coordinates activities like horseback riding, storytelling, theater workshops, and much more.

While Master James is making new friends and feeling his saddle sores, you and your wife can mountain bike on 25 miles of private singletrack or try your hand at fly-fishing. In the evening, relax by screening a Redford video or two (he owns the place) or a recent flick that was aired at the festival. Cottages start at $150 per night, but ask for family rates. Call
801-225-4107 for additional information.

For a family-style crash course in everything outdoors, try the Strathcoma Park Lodge in Campbell River, British Columbia. The 160-acre lodge in the center of Vancouver Island offers the famed Family Adventure Week that includes a daily menu of climbing, kayaking, wilderness-etiquette instruction, and an overnight canoe trip. If you so desire, you can skip any of these and
head to the hills for a day of family hiking. Lodge rooms are equipped with full kitchens, and buffet-style meals are served in the main lodge. Call 604-286-3122 for more details. For more great ideas on family fun, buy the book. It’ll help.

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