Fantastic Voyageurs:


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Family Vacations, Summer

Fantastic Voyageurs:
In the wake of Lewis and Clark

Sometimes kids need to be reminded that not everyone grew up with a laptop, a Furby, and a soccer match on Saturdays. Since history as portrayed in textbooks can be something less than inspiring, ROW, Inc. is now offering a real-life lesson on Montana’s Upper Missouri River in 34-foot voyageur canoes.

The four- and six-day trips down the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail recall the heavy fur-trading period between 1800 and 1850, when the French-Canadian fur traders and Indians created and perfected voyageur canoes. Kids get a glimpse of what life was like for the famous exploring duo, who actually used a dug-out cottonwood tree to navigate the river.

Sixteen trips are offered from June to September, but if you’re interested in the Native American historical perspective, be sure to sign up for August 9-14, when Otis Halfmoon, the chief naturalist at Nez Perce National Historic Park, accompanies the trip downriver and recounts legends and Indian tales along the way. Prices for the four-day trip are $850 for
adults, $500-$730 for kids; for the six-day trip, $1,120 for adults, $700-$985 for kids. Call ROW, Inc. at 800-451-6034.

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