Fear not the volcanoes of New Zealand


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Week of November 2-9, 1995

Fear not the volcanoes of New Zealand
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Fear not the volcanoes of New Zealand
Q: Have the recent volcanic eruptions on New Zealand made it inadvisable to consider a trip there this December/January? Are there any sources on the Internet you could recommend for more information?
Eric Freibrun
Deerfield, IL

A: Relax! According to the New Zealand Embassy in Washington D.C., this fall’s eruptions on Ruapehu have been quite minor and should not be a source of alarm for travelers. There have been no large-scale evacuations and most activity has been
limited to periodic ash-spewing episodes. In fact, people have been skiing on this North Island volcano for most of the winter season. For updated travel information on the Internet, check out the U.S. State Department’s site. This will provide you with advisories on every country,
including health, weather, and general safety concerns. Or call the New Zealand Embassy at 202-328-4800.

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