(Xavier Guardans)

Find Eden Now . . . and Save it for Later

What is this thing called ECOTOURISM? (Besides the glimmer of hype and a dash of greenwash, that is). Here's the good news: When it's done right, it's nothing less than THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL.

Xavier Guardans

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ADVENTURE, LIKE LIFE, HAS CONSEQUENCES. What we do, what we consume, and where we go have an impact. As tourism continues to explode on our small planet (travelers will soon be taking a billion trips a year), the success or failure of sustainability, cultural awareness, and environmental protection will decide whether we preserve a world of natural beauty and discovery or create a wasteland of paved paradises and bland globalization. Since it’s never been more crucial to get to that place where good, clean, and fun intersect, we’ve searched the globe for signs of inspiration and hope—the best eco-lodges, the most inventive travel outfitters, the coolest technology, and the destinations where the defining struggle for the soul of travel is already in progress. And guess what, eager wanderers: You (yeah, you) really can make a difference.

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From Outside Magazine, Mar 2003 Lead Photo: Xavier Guardans