Finding fellow adventurers in Boston


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Finding fellow adventurers in Boston
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Finding fellow adventurers in Boston
Question: Are there any outdoor adventure clubs that I can join in Massachusetts? I’m new to the area and love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, inline skating, skiing, running, etc.


Boston, Massachusetts

Adventure club activities in the Boston area include canoeing excursions

Adventure Adviser: Rest assured — you’ve moved to an area inhabited by plenty of outdoors-lovers. To hook up with like-minded adventurers, I’d suggest first contacting and joining the Boston chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. As a member, you can partake in the regularly-scheduled activities, such as hiking trips
and canoeing outings. You might also consider joining the very active Southeastern Massachusetts chapter, which has a slew of upcoming excursions. How about a Labor Day canoeing trip to the Rangley Lakes region of Maine, a mid-September paddle along the Mashpee River, or a foliage paddle in Walker’s Pond in Brewster? There are plenty of hiking trips planned too, from a
ranger-guided walk along the seven-mile Emerald Necklace in Boston, to backpacking adventures in the White and Green Mountains. Contact Dexter Robinson (781-294-8840) for details, or check out the AMC web site. A one-year AMC membership costs $40, which includes a $10 gift certificate toward AMC lodging, workshops and books. You’ll also receive the AMC Outdoors Magazine
and the chapter newsletter.

To find fellow riders, check in with Ciclismo Classico, an Arlington-based outfitter that runs trips to Italy. When stateside, owner Lauren Hefferon and husband Mauro Rugierois sponsor weekly rides in the Boston area. Give them a call at (781) 646-3377 to sign up for their newsletter and find out about upcoming outings …

Local universities are another good source for outdoor clubs, and Boston has no shortage of fine educational institutions to tap. For instance, MIT has an open-to-the-public Caving Club that sponsors spelunking trips, as well as rappelling and ascending practices in the fall and spring. For information on upcoming events, contact Christine Southworth at
And finally, I’d suggest going to some local outdoor stores, such as Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) or Bob Smith’s Wilderness House. In addition to selling the full range of gear needed for your interests, these stores also act as channels for local outdoors clubs and often sponsor their own trips as well.

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