Finding guided climbs in Krabi, Thailand


Week of September 24-30, 1998
Finding guided climbs in Krabi, Thailand
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Finding guided climbs in Krabi, Thailand

By Amy Marr

Question: I’m looking into going to Krabi, Thailand to rock climb and am a beginner-intermediate climber. Are there guided climbs in Krabi, and if so how can I contact them? Thanks.

I-Gek Quek

Thailand climbs include scenic aquamarine waters and white sand

Adventure Adviser: Though no Nepal, Thailand does have some great limestone cliffs in the south near Krabi. Steep-pocketed walls, overhangs and 150 different routes lure climbers from around the world. Plus, it’s not quite your typical climbing scenery. While scaling a wall, you can look out over aquamarine waters and palm-fringed
white-sand beaches. I’ve heard that Thailand Rock Climbing (by Dominique Potard and Francois Burnier) is an excellent resource for planning. Don’t know how easy it’ll be for you to track down in Singapore, but you could order the book from the publisher directly (Editions VAMOS in Argentiere, France) by faxing them at

As for guided trips in Krabi, probably your best bet is to wait until you get to Krabi. Virtually all of the lodgings in the area will arrange guided climbs or offer instructive classes. Tex Rock Climbing (run out of Railay Bay Bungalows) has an excellent reputation. As a novice, you’ll probably want to stick to Muay Thai, a 50m wall with 20 different climbs. When
booking your lodging, inquire about climbing outings.

If you want to plan ahead a bit more, then I’d suggest contacting one of the American outfitters that offer trips to the area. Check in with Jim Williams of Jackson, Wyoming-based Professional Mountain Guides via phone (307-733-8812) or fax (307-733-1580).

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