Finding new road rides in Massachusetts


Week of February 5-11, 1998
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Finding new road rides in Massachusetts
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Finding new road rides in Massachusetts
Question: I love to road bike in my hometown but I’ve been on practically every road around and I’m bored with going up and down hills. Do you know of any bicycle road trips in central Massachusetts or southern Vermont? Thanks a lot.

Dylan Clark
Barre, MA

Adventure Adviser: Wait until you see Outside‘s March 1998 issue! The cover story is about the country’s 50 best rides — one in each state.

The Massachusetts ride is a 110-mile lung-searing loop up Mount Watchusett, a variation of which is often used as a training route by triathlete Karen Smyers. The out-and-back ride starts in the Boston suburb of Weston and slowly works its way up to Mount Watchusett to a killer 1,500-foot climb near the end.

If you don’t like climbs, this isn’t the ride for you — every third road has “hill” in its name. The good news, however, is the steeps are short and the reward at the summit is a face full of awe-inspiring views. I don’t have the exact route but every year the entire ride is remarked with white arrows painted on the asphalt. For more details call Lincoln Guide Service
Bike Shop in Lincoln Center at 617-259-1111.

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