Going Places: Tales from the road: Telluride to Moab, getting there


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Virtual adventure: Telluride to Moab

Logistics: Getting there

High country fades to
red-rock desert near Moab

The San Juan Hut System’s Telluride to Moab tour package costs $425 for seven days. It includes all food, lodging in the huts, use of a sleeping bag and liner, map materials, and two gallons of water each day. All you’ll need to bring is clothing and your personal mountain biking gear. Contact Mike Turrin or Joe Ryan at 970-728-6935 for reservations. Space is limited and advance reservations receive a discount, so call early.

The most expensive part of this trip is getting to the trailhead. You’re likely to pay as much just getting there as you will on all the rest of the trip. United Express, America West, and Western Pacific fly into Telluride, but prices vary based on season and seating availability. Contact your travel agent or Telluride Central Reservations, 800-525-3455.

While the double-track jeep roads along the course are beginner-friendly, the trip is in extremely remote countryside and completely self-guided. Before you go, you should be competent in first aid, bicycle repair, and overland navigation. The itinerary below describes each day’s leg. It will give you an idea of how fit you should be. Remember though, the average elevation
over the whole trip is around 9,000 feet, where coastal folks might find breathing a chore.

The itinerary Mileage Ascent Descent
Day 1: Telluride to Last Dollar Hut 14.9 miles 2,800 feet 550 feet
Day 2: Last Dollar to Spring Creek 26.3 miles 1,600 feet 3,500 feet
Day 3: Spring Creek to Columbine 34.3 miles 1,800 feet 1,800 feet
Day 4: Columbine to Big Creek 37.2 miles 1,600 feet 2,200 feet
Day 5: Big Creek to Gateway 32.5 miles 2,100 feet 5,900 feet
Day 6: Gateway to La Sal 22.5 miles 4,400 feet 900 feet
Day 7: La Sal to Moab 38.4 miles 2,000 feet 6,200 feet

Who to call in Telluride:
Telluride Travel Company, 800-833-8616
Telluride Travel Connection, 800-847-3444
Skip’s Taxi, 303-728-6667
Mountain Limo, 303-728-9606
Telluride Transit, 303-728-6000
Oak Street Inn, 303-728-3383
New Sheridan Hotel, 303-728-4351
Telluride Central Reservations, 800-525-3455
Who to call in Moab:
Slickrock Inn, 801-259-2266
Slickrock House, 801-259-4275

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