Guided expeditions to the South Pole


Week of December 4-10, 1997
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Guided expeditions to the South Pole
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Guided expeditions to the South Pole
Question: I would like to arrange a trip to the South Pole for me and my father. Can you give me the names of any commercial adventure travel companies that do this? I have already contacted Wilderness Travel and Sobek. They both said they do not go to the Pole itself.

Jeff Bowden
Dallas, TX

Skydiving may be the best (and most
exhilarating) way to get to the South Pole

Adventure Adviser: There’s always the possibility of skydiving to the South Pole. I’m not sure the company is still offering the trip, but Forum Travel International has offered a unique skydiving opportunity where you jump out of a Twin Otter from 18,000 feet for the low, low price of $22,000. To check out this trip call 510-671-2900.

If you’re looking for something a little more pedestrian, these companies offer some sort of itinerary to Antarctica, however, I’m not sure any of them go all the way to the South Pole. Most of them are ship expeditions that start at the very southern tip of South America and cruise to the northern tip of Antarctica.

You should call all of them because even if they don’t offer a trip, they may know of an outfitter that does: Geographic Expeditions (800-777-818), Abercrombie & Kent (800-323-7308), Marine Expeditions (800-263-9147), Overseas Adventure Travel (800-221-0814), Quark Expeditions (800-356-5699), Society Expeditions (800-548-8669), and Zegrahm Expeditions

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