Happenin’ honeymoons in Jamaica


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Happenin’ honeymoons in Jamaica

Happenin’ honeymoons in Jamaica
Question: What is the best honeymoon place for a couple looking for someplace with perfect white beaches, crystal-clear water, and not a bore in the evenings?

Assaf J. Henkin
San Francisco, CA

Adventure Adviser: There are perfect white beaches and then there is nightlife. Unfortunately, finding a combination of the two is somewhat difficult because the nightlife tends to ruin the beaches.

However, my mind is saying Jamaica. The island definitely has a git-down atmosphere, and Negril is often likened to Las Vegas. But even so, you can find an abundance of tucked-away honeymoon havens where the best of both worlds is at your beck and call.

A few ideas: Swept Away Resort is a couples-only health-and-fitness-oriented oasis in the middle of Negril Beach. The 26 two-story villas are scattered on a 7-mile stretch of white sand and within a taxi drive or long walk from some nightlife.

If you’re active, you’ll appreciate the fact that you also have access to sailboards, scuba instructors, a workout center, and rainforest hikes. Prices range from $1,380 to $1,860 per couple for three nights. Call 800-545-7937 for details.

Farther from the maddening crowd you’ll find Jake’s Place, a funky celebrity magnet on the south coast’s Treasure Beach. The beaches here are rugged and rocky, but every so often you’ll find your own little cove where you’ll feel as though you’re on a deserted island. Jakes’ villas are the ultimate in pastel Caribbean, each with its own eccentric touches.

Plus, because it’s associated with Island Records magnet Chris Blackwell, you’ll have a very large selection of music to play in your room — outfitted with its own boom box. Rates for the hotel’s seven rooms run from $75 to $250 per night. Call Jake’s at 809-965-0552 for more details.

If money is no object and you want to experience the Jamaica of yesteryear complete with its sugar daddies and plantations, consider the Jamaica Inn. Located in Ocho Rios, the inn has its own private beach. It’s up there on the luxury scale as well, with prices starting at $265 per night. Call 809-974-2514.

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