Heading where weather is a safe bet


Week of April 17-23, 1997
Heading where weather is a safe bet
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Off-season hiking and diving in Grenada
Finding outfitters for disabled travelers
Mountain biking near Lake Tahoe

Heading where weather is a safe bet
Question: My girlfriend has a week off from med school in early June and we want to go someplace fun, wild, and stress-free. We thought about hiking and diving in Hawaii, but thought it would be too expensive. Other thoughts were Alaska (too cold to camp), Banff/Lake Louise area (weather?) and British Columbia kayaking (weather?). We want natural
scenery and wildlife but aren’t interested in places that are too hot, too cold, or expensive. Tough enough for you?

Brad Laesch
Atlanta, GA

Adventure Adviser: Wow. Like any med-school student, or significant other of a med-school student, you have high expectations. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if any spot on the globe will fulfill all of your requirements, but here are a few ideas.

Because you have one precious week to fill a year’s worth of vacation joneses, I’d suggest a place where the weather won’t misbehave. And because cost is a factor, I’d dip south of the border. Of course you’re probably thinking, “Uggh, Acapulco,” the all-inclusive, condoville-with-a-strip-of-beach-out-front. But there’s plenty more to Mexico than strolling vendors. Consider
Sayulita, 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Here you can ride horseback through the jungle, snorkel, kayak, mountain bike, and throw out a fishing line. Call the Costa Azul Adventure Resort (800-365-7613).

Or if you want really laid-back — like bare feet and thatched huts — try KaiLuum, 33 miles south of Cáncun. There’s a village of 40 walk-in tents with canvas floors, platform beds, and two hammocks strung out front. This is the true tropical deal where you go from beach to bar in an intoxicatingly happy state. Call 800-538-6802.

Another counterintuitive ploy would be to head farther south to the Caribbean. In June you can score spectacular low-season rates and the temperatures are rarely unbearable. Jakes Village, Jamaica, is a low-key, ultra-hip compound near Treasure Beach where you can literally sequester yourself for a week, a la Alex Hailey — he wrote Roots here (809-965-0552).

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