Hiking, biking, and paddling in Maine


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Hiking, biking, and paddling in Maine
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Hiking, biking, and paddling in Maine
Question:. My husband and I plan to travel to Maine this August. We would like to charter a sailboat for several days and hike or bicycle three or four more days. Can you recommend any particular locations or outfitters?

Teresa M. Burkett
Tulsa, OK

Adventure Adviser: One suggestion that leaps to mind because it is so unique is Far Horizons Kayak Center (888-375-2738). I know, I know, you didn’t ask about kayaking, but check this out: For three or five days, with a 46-foot sailing cutter as a base, guests happily paddle along the Maine coast. At the end of the day, guests hop on the boat,
grab a hot shower and some serious grub, and get a good night’s sleep. That’s one twist. If you’d like to go the more traditional route and charter a captained sailboat, try Classic Charters (207-244-7312). Or if you already know how to barberhaul, tack, and jibe, rent a bareboat from Bay Island Yacht Charters (207-236-2776).

For the biking segment of your multi-faceted vacation, I’d suggest the book 25 Bicycle Tours in Maine by Howard Stone — that is, if you plan to explore on your own. If, on the other hand, you’d like to stay at charming B&Bs and eat at the funkiest restaurants without lifting a single preparatory finger, three outfitters offer cycling
trips along the Penobscot Peninsula — a classic, rolling ride through fishing villages and along the rocky coastline. For more details, call Backroads (800-462-2848), Bike Riders Tours (800-473-7040), or Vermont Bicycle Touring (800-245-3868).

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