Kayak outfitters in Alaska


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Kayak outfitters in Alaska

Kayak outfitters in Alaska

By Amy Marr

Question: Who is the best outfitter for a kayak tour in Alaska, and what time of year is best to go?

Valerie Peck
Oakland, California

The numerous Alaskan kayak outfitters accommodate paddlers of all levels

Adventure Adviser: Considering the vast number of kayak outfitters in Alaska, it’s tough to narrow down the field to one best. A better approach might be to pick just where in the state’s wilderness you most want to go, then check out who’s offering trips in your selected region. Definitely give a call to the Alaska
Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association (907-463-3038), a nonprofit group that represents more than 200 companies involved in adventure travel.

If you’re after a somewhat tame experience, then you can join the legions who flock to Prince William Sound and Juneau to test the calm waters. Further afield, there are plenty of other options for kayakers of all levels. For a real challenge, head to Wood-Tikchik State Park in the state’s southern corner. Here you’ll find a healthy dose of Class I and II
rapids and a whole string of spectacularly clear lakes to explore. This might be more than you’re looking for, but if you’re interested call Tikchik State Park Tours (888-345-2445) to arrange a five-day paddle (about $1700, including airfare from Anchorage). They can also give you suggestions for something a bit less formidable. As for the best time of year to head
to Alaska, I’d suggest planning your trip for the month of July.

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