Kayak school in Portland, Maine


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Kayak school in Portland, Maine
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Kayak school in Portland, Maine
Question: I want to try kayaking and I’ve never been before. Any suggestions for places on the East Coast?

Seth Meskin
Philadelphia, PA

Adventure Adviser: Most everyone that takes a course at Maine Island Kayak Company (MIKCO) is in the same boat as you are — they’ve never kayaked before.

Based on Peaks Island, 3 miles east of Portland, Maine, the company boasts some of the best instructors in the United States, who pride themselves on their ability to turn landlubbers into expert boatmen and women. Depending on the amount of time and money you’re willing to invest, MIKCO has anything from a half-day course taught from Peaks Island, to week-long
expeditions in far corners of the globe.

In the half-day course offered every Saturday, you’ll be introduced to the basics of kayaking on land for an hour and then shoved off across protected waters to explore the hidden beaches, bird sanctuaries, and rocky crags that comprise the coast of Maine.

If you consider yourself an “athletic beginner,” you may want to take their two-day training trip which offers intensive instruction in kayaking fundamentals as well as work on fine-tuning and timing your stroke, and instruction in wind and waves, tides and currents, weather analysis, and a host of other hugely important skills. If you think whitewater kayaking is your
thing, sign up for the two-day “Introduction to Whitewater” course. All meals and equipment are included in the price. Call 800-796-2373 for price and date information.

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