Kayaking vacations near Seattle


Week of June 5-11, 1997
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Kayaking vacations near Seattle
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Kayaking vacations near Seattle
Question: My husband and I are considering taking up kayaking. We would like to take a kayaking vacation. He is in very good shape, and I am in average shape. Can you recommend a trip that will be challenging for him and not too strenuous for me? We have seven days available starting June 30. Thanks.

Chicago, IL

The Cascade Marine Trail meanders 160 miles through Puget Sound

Adventure Adviser: It may be hard to find water that will work for both of you, but whatever your expertise, I’d recommend one of the many sea-kayaking trails that have sprung up around the United States in the past 10 years. These systems combine incredible scenery with accessible campsites and inns.

One of the most extensive is the 160-mile Cascadia Marine Trail that meanders through Puget Sound. With 35 campsites and 40 waterfront inns, you can rough it for a few days, then treat yourself to a candlelight dinner and a cozy bed. The Washington Water Trails Association (206-545-9161) puts out a guidebook of the trail’s sites for the price of a membership — $35 for
families, $25 for individuals. The Cascadia Trail doesn’t have signs pointing the way, so you will need to invest in a coastal map and a set of tide tables. Call the Northwest Outdoor Center in Seattle (206-281-9694).

If Seattle is too far from home, there are plenty more routes to choose from, including trails along Lake Champlain and the Hudson River in New York, Lake Superior, the Chesapeake tidewaters, and the Allegash and Kennebec Rivers. For information on any of these, call the North American Water Trails Association at 360-697-3484.

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