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Lift ticket discounts at Taos
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Lift ticket discounts at Taos
Question: I am going to Taos, New Mexico, in January. I’m curious about whether it’s possible to buy discount multi-day lift tickets at the local gas stations, supermarkets, or convenience stores, like one in Colorado?

Alex Kovell
Piscataway, NJ

Adventure Adviser: Taos Ski Valley doesn’t offer any discount tickets at offsite locations, however, they do offer a few good deals.

The first is the fact that you can ski at Taos for $27 until December 19. After that, lift tickets go up to $40. But if you catch a powder day on Highline Ridge, $40 is a small price to pay for pure, unadulterated joy.

Back to deals: You can buy a Taos Card for $45 and then — without having to stand in line to buy your ticket — present the barcoded card at the lift line and your credit card will automatically be charged the lift ticket price minus $5. The bargain is that you not only get $5 off of every lift ticket you purchase, you also get your seventh day of skiing free.
Plus, the card has no restrictions, so you don’t have to be worried about blackout dates.

The second deal is called the Ski Three Card and is good for Taos, Angel Fire, and Red River. With this card you’ll get $5 off each lift ticket and then one designated free day at each area. Taos’s free day is December 7. This card does have blackout periods and you can’t use it during the holidays, three-day weekends, or spring break. To purchase either of these cards,
call the Taos ticket office at 505-776-2291.

Finally, there’s a special called Pillow and Powder which starts Thanksgiving Day and runs until December 19, and then again from March 30 to April 12. These are pre- and post-season deals where you may get free or reduced tickets if you stay in designated hotels. Call 800-776-1111.

Last but not least, plan to come after January 6. Though you won’t get incredible bargains, this is considered a slower time and you may find a few reduced-price hotel rooms and other little perks.

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