Lodges that can hold a big family reunion


Week of December 11-17, 1997
Lodges that can hold a big family reunion
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Lodges that can hold a big family reunion
Question: We are a family of 22, with ages ranging from 8 months to 78 years old. We would like to find a place offering accommodations in one or just a few buildings, a dining room that holds us all, and activities that include riding, fishing, hiking, swimming, and boating. This is for our annual family reunion the last week of July or first
week of August 1998. We’d like to be in the Northwest where there are no mosquitoes. Can you help?

Louise Dye
Hudson, OH

Adventure Adviser: I can’t guarantee no mosquitoes, but Strathcona Park Lodge on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, meets almost all your other requirements.

Set in the midst of the 550,000-acre provincial Strathcona Park and surrounded by snowcapped peaks, glaciated slopes, old-growth forests, and deep, cold lakes, the lodge is a small community of chalets and cabins with its own private marina.

Touted as a resort and an “outdoor education center,” your group can either go its separate ways, or participate in the many classes in canoeing, kayak touring, sailing, rock climbing, and wilderness skills offered by the lodge.

If you opt to do your own thing, there are plenty of high-country hikes, mountain-bike trails, and fishing spots to explore.

The lodge has 12 waterfront cabins that sleep two to 10, chalet rooms with balconies, basic hostel-style rooms, and waterfront campsites. The lodge accepts groups as large as 150, so 22 should be no sweat.

Meals of halibut, fresh greens, and vegetarian dishes are served buffet- and family-style in one common dining room. For price and availability information call the lodge at 604-286-8206 or 604-286-3122.

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