The Trip-Finder, January 1998

Cruising the Sahara

Outfitter Departures Price Accommodations
Bicycle Africa
1 $1,090 rustic lodging

The Route: A dusty, 17-day, 1,000-mile overland circuit by Land Cruiser, with visits to the vast dunes of El Khatt, the Bedouin citadel of Rachid, the oasis town of N’beika, and stops at numerous Bedouin encampments along the way.

When to go: November to February

Difficulty: Moderate

Travel advisory: Be prepared for a rough ride across the uneven volcanic rock, basalt, and sandstone of the Sahara.

High/low points:

  • Dragging your foam mattress out of your tent and spending a night on the dunes under the shooting stars.
  • Putting on your shoe the next morning, only to find that a scorpion has moved in.

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