The Trip-Finder, January 1998

Cruising Palau and Yap

Outfitter Departures Price Accommodations
Zegrahm Expeditions
2 $5,980-$8,980 boat accommodations, tourist hotels

The Route: Exploring by yacht two rarely visited islands, where you’ll snorkel some of the world’s most spectacular underwater scenery, as well as sea kayak, hike, beachcomb, and swim. The trip lasts 16-17 days.

When to go: January to February

Difficulty: Easy

Travel advisory: The snorkeling equipment available on the boat may not fit you well. Buy and break-in your own high-quality mask, snorkel, and fins before the trip. (Expect to pay $150.) If you have a mustache, shave it to prevent mask leakage.

High/low points:

  • The exhilaration of seeing a manta ray with a 12-foot wingspan flap over your head in Yap’s Mil Channel.
  • Reef sharks.

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