Mountain bike camps in the Northeast


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Mountain bike camps in the Northeast
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Mountain bike camps in the Northeast
Question: I am a 16-year-old road and mountain cyclist. I live in Maine and I was wondering if there are any cool mountain/road biking camps in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area that are fun and are set up for serious riders like me who do an average of 4,000 road miles and 3,500 off-road miles per year. Please give me a response. I really
need one quickly so I can make summer plans.

Lincoln, ME

Adventure Adviser: Well Pedro, I struck out. The only camp I found in your neck of the woods was for adults only. But if you’re willing to travel to Mount Snow, Vermont, you’ll find one of the finest schools east of Moab. The Mount Snow Mountain Bike School offers a staff of 20-plus instructors, 140 miles of singletrack, ski trails and old
roads, and access to World-Cup race courses.

You’ll learn such essentials as chain repair and tree maneuvering — unless, of course, you’re already a pro in these areas. If that’s the case, they’ll amp up your training to fit your needs. Considering that the NORBA National Championship Series will be held at Mount Snow June 19-22, it seems there’s plenty of challenging terrain even for an experienced rider like
yourself. If you’d like, you can get extra attention with a private lesson. Call 800-245-7669 for details.

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