Mountain-bike touring in Thailand


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Mountain-bike touring in Thailand

Mountain-bike touring in Thailand
Question: I’m thinking about a bike tour in Thailand in November. I’d like some feedback on what to expect in regards to road conditions, terrain, and any general information. If anyone’s ever done a tour there I’d love to hear about it.

Doug Lange
Fukushima, Japan

A mountain-bike trip might take you to northern Thailand’s hilltribe country

Adventure Adviser: Herewith is a very general overview of biking in Thailand: Grades in most parts of the country are moderate. Exceptions to that are in the far northern provinces of Mae Hong Son and Nan. A mountain bike is probably your best bet because many of the roads are dirt and rather rugged. There are a number of two-lane roads
along the Maekhong River where the terrain is flat and the scenery is spectacular.

Most big cities have bike shops, but word is they only carry Japanese or locally made parts, so you might want to bring your own. Thailand Cycling Club (2-241-2023) in Bangkok is a good resource for bike tours and clubs around the country.

A number of American companies do 8- to 9-day mountain biking tours in Thailand. Most of them ride through the northern hilltribe country and make stops in Karen, Yao, and Hmong villages along the way. Call Maluku Adventures (415-731-2560), Adventure Center (510-654-1879), Asian Pacific Adventures (213-935-3156), or Backroads (510-527-1555).

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