Mountain biking around Bermuda


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Mountain biking around Bermuda
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Mountain biking around Bermuda
Question: I have a tough one for you. Amongst all the civility of Bermuda, I am desperately searching for somewhere to ride my mountain bike for a day. Does trail riding exist on the island where high tea and knee socks are de rigueur?

Christopher Morris
Montreal, Quebec

Adventure Adviser: Though Bermuda is a white-jacket-at-dinner kind of place, you’ll also find that it is quite biker-friendly, and the reason is very surprising.

Decades ago, as a result of massive congestion and too few roads, the Bermuda government banned rental cars for tourists, and to this day it only allows one car per household. As a result, Bermudans and tourists alike have had to become very savvy with the bicycle and motor scooter, the former being the much more popular mode of transportation.

If I can liberally translate your idea of “trail riding,” I have a great suggestion. On an island that is approximately 25 miles long and 2 miles wide, the 18-mile Bermuda Railway Trail is quite a luxury.

A former railroad circuit that ran from Somerset to St. George, the trail cuts straight through the heart of the island, hugging the shore for a few miles and then veering inland via a dark tunnel. Though it isn’t exactly mountain singletrack, you’ll find the trail has rough, rocky sections where your knobby tires can really dig in. And if you really work up a sweat, you’ll
find the overarching canopy of trees that block out the intense afternoon rays heaven-sent.

Bike rentals in Bermuda cost approximately $25 per day. You can rent them at Oleander Cycles (236-5235) or Eve Cycles (236-6247), both of which have rental branches at various stops on the island. You may even be able to arrange to have one delivered to your hotel door!

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