Mountain biking around Yosemite


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Mountain biking around Yosemite

Mountain biking around Yosemite
Question: Are there good mountain-biking opportunities near Yosemite National Park (I know there is no mountain biking in the park)? How do I find out about trails, rentals, etc.?

Nick Ranno
Marietta, GA

Adventure Adviser: Biking in Yosemite is limited to roads that cars can drive, which means you’ll be fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic in the crazy days of summer.

A much better option is to head south of the park to the Sierra National Forest. You’ll be amazed at the quantity and quality of biking there. Keep in mind almost all the trails in this area are as of yet unmarked and require a bit of technical expertise. Your best bet is to call the Yosemite/Sierra Fat Tire Association President Don Morton (209-683-3379). He can tell you
the times, dates, and meeting place for club rides, which will give you a really good introduction to the area. The club is also in the process of publishing bike maps that will be available as soon as next month for $7.

Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides offers weekend trips throughout the summer that consist of a 35-mile slickrock and singletrack ride Saturday, followed by a 25-mile singletrack and railroad-grade ride through giant sequoias Sunday. Accommodations, food, shuttle, and guide service are included in the $225 price. Call 800-231-4575.

Southern Yosemite also operates a private guide service that costs $185 per day. If you’re more of the do-it-yourselfer, Oakhurst Cycling Center (209-642-4606) in Oakhurst will rent you a relatively high-end bike with suspension for $35 a day.

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