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The Trip-Finder, January 1999
Dogsledding in Gros Morne National Park

Outfitter Price Accommodations
Onward Tours
$800 camping, rustic lodging

The Route: Mushing for five days on the glacier-carved high plateau of the Long Range Mountains, a World Heritage Site visited mostly by moose, lynx, caribou, and arctic hares. You’ll follow centuries-old dogsled trails through fishing communities accessible only by sled, snowmobile, or in summer, boat.

When to go: December through April

Difficulty: Moderate

Travel advisory: Your dogs, former racers, come with two speeds: off and flat-out. Hang on to your sled or face the consequences: a long, long walk. If you see a moose, stop right away. They can be quite aggressive toward humans.

High/low points:

  • Mushing to the precipitous edge of the gorge above Western Brook Pond and looking out into the frozen, starkly white Strait of Belle Isle.
  • Gathering the huskies’ frozen poop into a tidy compost pile before breaking camp each morning.