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Grand Canyon

What boot should I wear for a bike-raft trip into the Grand Canyon?

What is a good hiking boot for a seven-day Grand Canyon rafting/hiking trip in September? We'll (my wife and I) be rafting four to six hours each day with time for side hikes, and then will be hiking out of the canyon on the last day (about 7.5 miles) carrying about 20-30 pound packs. We both already have Chacos so we're covered on the river sandal front. -Chris Springfield, IL

What should I wear while backpacking in the Grand Canyon?

I'm going on a two-week backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon this summer, and I was wondering what kind of fabrics I would want to stick with as far as shorts and shirts go. The last thing I want is to be uncomfortable. Are there any fabrics that I should completely avoid? What would you recommend? Kristen Grant Park, IL

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