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Outside magazine, June 1996

O Canada.Com
By Katie Arnold

Travelers planning a foray into the great white North can now access more than 75 official Canada sites on the World Wide Web. Four of our favorites:

  • Before You Go. For general information, including everything from a history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to average lows in Saskatchewan, plus a currency conversion chart, check out the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s site,
  • Logistics. If you’ve got burning logistical questions–how to finesse bringing Fido across the border, for example, or where to obtain fishing permits once in Canada–tap into the site for the Canadian Embassy to the United States, at
  • Outfitted Trips. CANtravel’s page has a great list of adventure travel outfitters that run trips in the western provinces:
  • The Year in Preview. Finally, if you’re still wandering blind, the Canuck Site of the Day, at, gives a rundown of this year’s wildlife festivals, primo pizzerias, and mountain resorts across the country.

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