Outdoor adventure trips in Scandinavia


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Outdoor adventure trips in Scandinavia
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Outdoor adventure trips in Scandinavia
Question: Do you know of any interesting “outdoor adventure” trips to Scandinavia, particularly Sweden or Norway? I most enjoy hiking and mountain biking, though I’d be willing to try other sports as well. I know Backroads offers both hiking and road-biking trips in Norway, but do you know anybody else who offers guided tours in these countries?

Brian Lekander
Alexandria, VA

Adventure Adviser: There are plenty of summertime activities in both countries, such as nude skiing on Norway’s Tystigen Glacier, but apparently tour companies like to stick to tamer endeavors like biking and horseback riding. As you are familiar with Backroads, I’ll skip their itinerary and tell you about three others.

Eurobike Tours, run by a Hollander, “eschews endurance tests in favor of active vacations at a more leisurely pace,” meaning you’re not compelled to feel like you have to ride a century every day. Eurobike offers native guides, a cushy itinerary of cozy hotels, and plenty of time to explore on your own. The trip starts in Copenhagen and, with the help of ferries, winds
through Sweden then finishes back in Copenhagen. The trip is slated for July 4-19 at a cost of $3,295, land only. For more information call 800-321-6060.

Gerhard Meng, of Gerhard’s Bicycle Odysseys, has been leading bike tours for 24 years. His Scandinavia trip begins in Denmark, spends four days exploring the “Danish Riviera,” travels by ferry to Sweden for one day of biking, then continues with an overnight cruise to Norway. In Norway, you’ll follow the zigzaggy mountain road of Trollstigveien that will take you to the
fjords. The trip ends in Bergen. A typical day includes 28-40 miles of biking followed by hearty dinners and cozy nights in inns, hotels, and castles. Tour dates are June 14-27 and land-only cost is $3,295. Call 503-223-2402 for details.

If you aren’t afraid of saddle sores and have previous horseback-riding experience, International Riding Holidays has an eight-day trip through some of Norway’s most breathtaking inland scenery. You’ll cross rocky highlands, dense forests filled with mushrooms and berries, mountain streams, and sparkling lakes. Be prepared to ride five to seven hours a day on Norwegian
breeds with an English saddle and tack. For specific price and date information, call Equus USA at 800-982-6861.

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