Outdoor spiritual education


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Outdoor spiritual education

Outdoor spiritual education
Q: I was wondering if there are any reputable outdoor adventure outfits, similar to Outward Bound, that focus on providing a “spiritual” education as well an outdoor education for adults. I’m not speaking of rehab-type programs, but instead ones which help one find a deeper meaning to one’s life.
Doug Henderson
Austin, TX

A: You may want to consider InnerQuest, a Sausalito-based outfit that runs four- to seven-day backpacking, canoeing, and trekking courses throughout Northern California, Colorado, Washington state, and Baja. The main focus of their HeroQuest wilderness courses is to help participants discover their life purpose through a series of experiential
exercises, games, and rituals. While we can’t divulge what these entail, we can tell you that they’re extremely varied, involving everything from dance to art to Sanskrit myths. Most trip members walk away from the course with a clear vision of why they’re here and how to carry out their purpose through work, relationships, and home life. As an added bonus after the trip,
you’ll be welcomed into a national “Community of Heroes,” an extensive network of like-minded HeroQuest alumni who, through regularly scheduled events and workshops, will offer you support in fulfilling your life mission.

In addition to the spiritual component, courses provide basic outdoor instruction in paddling, trekking, and backcountry camping. Prices range from $399 to $799 per person, not including travel costs, and group size is limited to ten. There’s usually at least one departure each month, more during the summer. For more information, call InnerQuest at 800-990-4376.

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