Outfitting a Grand Canyon trip for 18 people


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Outfitting a Grand Canyon trip for 18 people
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Outfitting a Grand Canyon trip for 18 people
Question: I have a group of roughly 18 people going to Phoenix for a conference. We would like to go rafting in the Grand Canyon for one or two days. Would you have any suggestions on who to call or where to go? I plan to go early in May and would like to make the travel arrangements soon.

Mario A. Garza
San Antonio, TX

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Adventure Adviser: There are dozens of companies that provide raft trips on the Colorado. Some run trips in the Grand Canyon and some run the river farther north.

My only suggestion is to call each of the following outfitters and find out if they offer one- to two-day trips for as many as 18 people.

You can expect a pretty similar experience from all of these outfitters — a qualified guide, a good lunch, and adequate overnight tent accommodations.

The following list should give you a good idea of prices and availability. Good luck.

Orange Torpedo Trips: 800-635-2925
Colorado River & Trail Expeditions: 800-253-7328
Action Whitewater Adventures: 800-453-1482
Holiday Expeditions: 800-624-6323
Sheri Griffith Expeditions: 800-332-2439
Canyoneers, Inc.: 800-525-0924
Outdoors Unlimited: 800-637-7238
Adrift Adventures: 800-874-4483
Passage to Utah: 800-677-0553

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