Papau New Guinea


The Trip-Finder, January 1998
Papau New Guinea

Touring the Southern Highlands

Outfitter Departures Price Accommodations
Asia Transpacific Journeys
1 $6,995 rustic lodging, tourist hotels,
boat accommodations
Journeys International
3 $2,295 rustic lodging, tourist hotels,
boat accommodations
Mountain Travel-Sobek
4 $2,800-$3,200 rustic lodging, tourist hotels,
boat accommodations

The Route: Fourteen to 21 days canoeing and riverboating along the Sepik River and trekking in the southern highlands, home to the Huli Wigmen and other native tribes.

When to go: March to April, July to November

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Travel advisory: Stay tuned for news on food shortages in Papua New Guinea. The recent outburst of fires in Indonesia has drastically reduced food supplies in the region. Though it won’t affect tourists, it will affect locals.

High/low points:

  • Buying the tribes’ exquisite wood carvings guilt-free: They lose their magic powers after one ceremony and will otherwise be discarded.
  • Being unable to wander off alone in the southern highlands, because tribes are sporadically at war.

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