Planning a Rocky Mountain National Park trip


Week of December 18-24, 1997
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Planning a Rocky Mountain National Park trip
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Planning a Rocky Mountain National Park trip
Question: I live in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and I’d like to plan our vacation in advance. My daughter and I would like to go backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer, with a couple of my old friends who live in the States. Because I live overseas, it is very difficult for me to obtain USGS maps or any other sort of detailed
information about the park. Could an outfitter near the park provide a trip-planning service for us, mapping out a route, planning menus, buying food for us, making any needed back-country reservations? Heck, if I’m going to pay that much, how much would it cost to have a living, breathing guide come along to show us the best bits of the park?

Chris Vice
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Adventure Adviser: Rocky Mountain Wilderness Adventures based in, of all places, State College, Pennsylvania, has a comprehensive service that would interest you. In fact, they’ll even arrange your flight from Saudi Arabia, shuttle you from the airport, set you up in a bed-and-breakfast or hotel the first night, and then arrange for a
well-qualified guide to take you on a private tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. This approach to a hassle-free vacation, however, will cost you, but it may be worth it. I’d quote some prices, but the range is very dependent on the length of your trip and which aspects of their service you decide to use. For more information call them at 814-238-0411, or since you are in
Saudi Arabia, you may prefer to email them at

Roads Less Traveled, a multisport adventure travel company, offers a scheduled departure trip called the Rocky Mountain Rambler for $1,295 per person. That price includes food, accommodations, a day of whitewater rafting, naturalist-led hiking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and a hike to Glacier Gorge and the Trail Ridge Road. That trip’s scheduled departures are July 13,
August 3, and August 17. Roads Less Traveled can also design a custom trip, however, it will be more expensive. For more details, call them at 303-413-0938, or you can email them at

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