Racing in short-term extreme events


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Racing in short-term extreme events
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Racing in short-term extreme events
Question: There are probably a lot of people out here who can’t get enough of the coverage of the Eco-Challenge and the Raid. And of these people, we
can’t afford the exorbitant price or find enough people willing to torture themselves enough to join you in one of these walkabouts. Do you know of any events similar to the Eco-Challenge for individuals or two-man teams that last only two or three days?

Mitch Brim
Rantoul, KS

Even a three-day extreme race will
likely push you to your limits

Adventure Adviser: Hi-Tec’s Adventure Racing Series is a one-day undertaking for teams of three that’s being held in two locations this fall. The first is slated for October 6 in Moraine State Park outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the second, on November 3 in Castaic Lake Recreation Area near Los Angeles. Core disciplines include
running or hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and a couple of mystery events. Be prepared for at least a 5- to 8-mile trail run “with natural obstacles,” and at least a one-hour “watercraft” section. Course times are estimated in the not-too-formidable four-hour range, but nonetheless expect to expend considerable energy and encounter “tons of surprises.” For entry details,
call 818-707-8867; cost is $150 per person.

For a longer event–albeit one that’s rapidly approaching–consider the three-day, 150-mile San Francisco Adventure Race sponsored by Presidio Racing Academy (believe it or not, they run four- and eight-day courses that school “well-conditioned recreational athletes” in the strategies of multi-day adventure races. And you thought it was just a matter of endurance.) The race
course is kept top secret until the day before the event, but I can tell you that it does include mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, and compass navigation. For dates and details, call 415-292-0678.

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