Rafting trips for computer programmers


Week of November 20-26, 1997
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Rafting trips for computer programmers
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Rafting trips for computer programmers
Question: I want to take about 20-25 computer programmers on a bonding trip to celebrate getting the program we are writing to Alpha (which is good). I was thinking of a river-rafting trip within driving distance from San Francisco or Yosemite. Keep in mind athletics are not their strong suit.

Alex Mera
San Francisco, CA

Adventure Adviser: Rafting is definitely the way to go. There’s not a better sport that gets the adrenaline pumping, requires very little skill on the part of the client, and builds a sense of teamwork.

The only problem is that I’m not sure you’ll find any companies that still offer rafting this late in the year. From the brochures I have, it looks like most companies stop rafting in October.

Echo, the Wilderness Company, runs trips on the Tuolumne and South Fork American Rivers in California. One-day trips on the South Fork American start at $109, but the brochure says the trip only goes until September. Call 800-652-3246 for details.

The American River Touring Association (ARTA) also offers trips on the South Fork American, Tuolumne, and Merced Rivers, but only goes as late as October. Call ARTA at 800-323-2782 to find out if they have any trip options this late in the season.

California-based Whitewater Voyages may also have some ideas on where to go this time of year. Call 800-488-7238.

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