Sea kayaking in comfort in B.C.


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Sea kayaking in comfort in B.C.
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Sea kayaking in comfort in B.C.
Question: My husband and I are going to Vancouver for three nights at Easter. We would like to do some guided sea kayaking either around Vancouver or Victoria. We would also like to stay in a nice bed-and-breakfast, ideally connected with the kayaking. Do you know of any combination kayaking/bed-and-breakfast trips?

Jill Whiting
Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

Experience sea life up close
off the coast of Vancouver Island

Adventure Adviser: Fresh Tracks Canada offers “the perfect combination of fabulous paddling and comfort. A unique kayaking adventure that finishes each day at one of the island’s secluded seaside inns—the ultimate getaway!”

Fresh Track’s typical three-day itinerary starts in Vancouver, where you’ll be met by your guide at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. There you’ll board the ferry and take a scenic ride through the Gulf Islands to Galiano Island, halfway between Victoria and Vancouver. From there you’ll be shuttled to a Cape Cod-style bed-and-breakfast overlooking
Whaler Bay, where you’ll relax, have a snack, and then plan you next few days’ itinerary. Before you go anywhere, however, your guide will familiarize you with your kayaking equipment and teach you a few mandatory kayaking fundamentals. The second and third days you’ll spend most of your time on the water interspersed with breaks for a gourmet lunch, followed
by plenty of time for relaxation back at the bed-and-breakfast. Fresh Tracks also offers a similar five-day itinerary that takes you to Galiano, Mayne, and North Pender islands. Call 800-667-4744 or 604-737-7880 for more details.

Another company that offers a bed-and-breakfast itinerary — but a bit farther south in the Seattle area — is The Island Institute (800-956-6722 or 360-376-6720). You may also want to try Island Expeditions, a Vancouver-based company that offers sea kayaking trips to Central America (800-667-1630 or 604-452-3212).

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