Sea kayaking on Nevis


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Week of January 23-30, 1996

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Sea kayaking on Nevis

Sea kayaking on Nevis
Q: Do you have any knowledge about whether kayaking is popular on Nevis and whether there are any outfitters from whom I could rent a kayak while vacationing there in March?
Tom Sharbaugh
Philadelphia, PA

A: Because of Nevis’s welcome dearth of tourist-oriented businesses, kayaking has made few inroads on this laid-back, 36-square-mile Leeward island. Unless you’re booked at the Four Seasons–they keep a few kayaks on hand for interested guests–there’s really only one
option for sea kayaking. Turtles Tours at Turtle Beach rents sea kayaks by the hour and runs a three-and-a-half-hour guided trip for $35 U.S. per person, including transportation, lunch, equipment, and snorkeling gear. You’ll paddle out to offshore reefs, stopping in secluded bays along the way to snorkel among sea fans, fluorescent sponges, and angelfish. For more
information, call 809-469-9086 and ask for Ricky.

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