Sea-Kayaking Prince William Sound


Sea-Kayaking Prince William Sound

Excerpted from the Outside Trip-Finder, February 1995 issue
By Meg Lukens Noonan

ALASKA: Sea-Kayaking Prince William Sound

The Route: A six- to ten-day exploration of the sheltered bays and fjords of Prince William Sound among seals, sea otters, and humpback whales, with hikes to alpine lakes and glaciers.

When To Go: June-August

Difficulty: Moderate

Travel Advisory: Blackflies and no-see-ums can be a nuisance; local wisdom advises bringing bug repellent with 35 percent deet, light-colored clothing, a head net, and an umbrella.

High/Low Points: Hearing the white thunder of building-size icebergs calving off the glaciers. Picturing the 11 million gallons of oil spilled in the Sound.

Luxe Factor: Camping

Outfitters / Departures / Price
Adventures & Delights / 2 / $1,740
Alaskan Wilderness Sailing/ On demand / $980
North Star / 13 / $900-$1,550
Sea Quest Expeditions / 8 / $1,199
Sierra Club Outings / 1 / $1,550

Outfitter Directory
Adventures & Delights 800-288-3134; 907-276-8282
Alaskan Wilderness Sailing Safaris 907-835-5175
North Star 800-258-8434
Sea Quest Expeditions 360-378-5767
Sierra Club Outings 415-923-5522

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