Sea-kayaking trips in Baja for beginners


Week of February 5-11, 1998
Sea-kayaking trips in Baja for beginners
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Sea-kayaking trips in Baja for beginners
Question: My wife and I will be spending our honeymoon in Baja; we have about 10 days and will be at the southern end of the peninsula (San Jose, Todos Santos, and La Paz).

We hope to do some sea kayaking. Can you recommend a day trip (or a guide) for beginners? We are active and fit but have very little experience with kayaks. I fear the waves and currents in the Pacific will be too much for us.

Michael Keenan
Washington, DC

Adventure Adviser: Smart man. I highly recommend going with a guide the first time you brave the Pacific waters in a kayak.

Though most companies focus on longer itineraries, La Paz-based Baja Outdoor Activities offers guided day trips and overnights for beginners. Call 800-238-2059 for information, but most of their day trips are handled on a walk-in basis. The owner’s name is Ben and you can reach him via e-mail at

If you want to consider an extended trip, call Tofino Expeditions (800-677-0877), a company that uses biologists as guides, or O.A.R.S. (800-346-6277), a California-based rafting company that has extended their business to kayaking in Mexico.

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