Seeking a REAL adventure for the fall


Week of June 4-10, 1998
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Seeking a REAL adventure for the fall

Seeking a REAL adventure for the fall
Question: I’d like to take a three- to five-week trip beginning in October at a price range between $2,000 and $5,000. I’m a solo traveler who would like an overseas walking or backpacking trip, with a bit of snorkeling or fishing in the mix. I’ve traveled Europe and Mexico and would like something different. A REAL adventure.
Can you give me a few ideas and a few tour companies to call? I’d like to take the trip of a lifetime.

Randy Godfrey
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Track elephants on a safari trip to Tanzania’s remote mountain parks

Adventure Adviser: I suggest you take a peek at the January 1998 issue posted on Outside Online. There you will find our annual travel feature called the Trip-Finder, which provides a list of 50 of the most unique and exciting destinations in the world. Included in each trip selection is a list of outfitters, the cost, the length, and the
time of year the trip is offered. Though I haven’t found any trips which specifically mix hiking with snorkeling or fishing, I have found a few that sound quite intriguing and would fit nicely with your plans for REAL adventure. Here’s a few to get you started:

Morocco: Trekking the High Atlas. This two- to three-week trip takes you hiking across North Africa’s highest mountain range with ascents of two peaks more than 13,000 feet high, as well as visits to Marrakech and Fez. The trip is offered by Wilderness Travel (800-368-2794; $1,995 to $2,195), Himalayan Travel (800-225-2380; $895), and
Adventure Center (800-227-8747; $490-$525).

Tanzania: Tracking wildlife in Mahale and Katavi Mountain Parks. This unique foot safari offers a trek through completely undeveloped parks, where you’ll track the world’s largest group of chimpanzees in Mahale, and see herds of buffalo, elephants, and lions in Katavi. These parks are so remote that you’ll have to fly by
chartered plane to get to them. To extend the trip for a week or so, you could make plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the Seven Summits. This trip is offered by The Africa Adventure Company (800-882-9453; $5,450).

Japan: Hiking inn-to-inn in the northern Alps. This is a 10-day trek among craggy peaks, larch forests, oak, and aspen in Japan’s Chubu Sangaku National Park. The trip ends with a pilgrimage to the top of 12,388-foot Mount Fuji. The trip is offered by Guides For All Seasons (800-457-4574; $3,489).

Australia: Studying koalas on Kangaroo Island. If you have a love of wildlife, this trip may be a way to combine it with your adventure jones. You’ll track and observe koalas alongside an Aussie naturalist as they chew their way through an island often called “The Galapagos of Australia,” 10 miles from Adelaide in the Southern
Ocean. This trip will give you ample opportunity for snorkeling. Offered by Earthwatch (800-776-0188) the trip costs $1,795.

Bhutan: Trekking to the world’s highest unclimbed peak. This would step-up the physical demands quite extensively. You’ll start the 13-day adventure near Bumthang, and eventually head over 15, 500 foot Togli La Pass and down the Chamkhar Chu valley to a camp right below the 24,742-foot Gangkar Puensum. The trip is offered by Bhutan
Travel (800-950-9908, $4,150) and KE Adventure Travel (800-497-9675, $4,395).

Even if I haven’t mentioned a trip that sounds particularly appealing to you, I’d encourage you to call for a catalog anyway. Most of these companies are very well regarded in the adventure travel industry and will have plenty more trips from which to choose. Good luck.

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