Skiing With Peter Jennings


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Winter Travel Guide 1996

Skiing With Peter Jennings
By Paul Kvinta

Occupation: Living Room News Fixture

Favorite Place to Ski: Whistler/Blackcomb. “That whole area is wonderful. One time I went salmon fishing in the morning, skiing in the afternoon, and then I took my kid to a concert–what’s the name of that group? the Eagles?–
in Vancouver that evening.”

Strangest Ski Experience: “I was the first television reporter allowed into some of the more isolated desert areas of Saudi Arabia, and we skied down the dunes. They were almost like talcum powder. I was amazed at how good the skiing was.”

Worst Skiing Calamity: “I’ve only got two pictures in my office. One is of me shaking hands with Anwar Sadat in the Sinai Desert, and the other is of me wiping out on skis seven years ago in front of President Ford. We were at the American Ski Classic in Beaver Creek, and I was racing. In the picture, my face is buried in the snow, with President
Ford standing right there.”