Pro Skier Sierra Quitiquit's Patagonia Hideaway

Pro Skier Sierra Quitiquit's Patagonia Hideaway

They say you can't run from your problems. That might be true, but I think you can run to a better place for them to follow you. I was 15 when I lost my oldest brother to a car accident; by the time I turned 18, the sadness became overwhelming. The only sure place I knew to find happiness was with skis on my feet, so I ditched the States and started ski bumming around South America. This is when I first stumbled into Refugio Frey. It captured me from the first moment, appearing like a secret mountain palace far removed from the complexities of modern life. I earned my stay by cleaning and helping the hut keeper. I found refuge in Mother Nature. I laughed. I skied some of the best and most beautiful lines in my life. And I healed.


Big. Crazy. Opinionated.

Thank you!

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