St. Lucia’s best diving spots


Week of January 16-22, 1997
St. Lucia’s best diving spots
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St. Lucia’s best diving spots
Question: I’m going to go scuba diving in St. Lucia in February. What are the best sites to dive and what are the best web sites to review before I leave? Any other helpful hints about diving in St. Lucia would be greatly appreciated.

David Drake
Belmont, MA

You’ll find plenty of underwater delights off the coast of St. Lucia

Adventure Adviser: Some of the best dive sites are in the vicinity of Anse Chastenet, a quiet bay just north of the town of Soufrière on St. Lucia’s west coast. Conveniently enough, Anse Chastenet Hotel has a full-service on-site dive center that offers dive-and-room packages or just plain diving off any of their five boats
(one-tank dive, $30).

A handful of Dive St. Lucia’s favorites spots: Pinnacles, four towering seamounts that rise to just below the surface and are teeming with octopi, arrow crabs, soft corals, and sea horses; Superman’s Flight, a challenging drift dive at the base of Petit Piton Mountain; and Turtle Reef, a crescent-shaped shoal north of Anse Chastenet Bay with a 100-plus-foot drop and hordes
of parrotfish, starfish, and crustaceans.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the weekly boat trip to the wreck of the Lesleen M, a 165-foot freighter that was deliberately sunk in 1986 to create an artificial reef. The plan worked and the submerged boat, now upright at 65 feet under the surface, is teeming with tube sponges and soft coral; the pilot house and engine room are both open for
exploration, and visibility is usually very good. Nearby, Anse La Raye Reef is a boulder-covered slope that’s home to fire corals and schools of Bermuda chub. For additional information, I recommend calling Dive St. Lucia directly at 800-223-1108.

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