Taking the Silk Route from Turkey to China


Week of January 22-28, 1998
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Taking the Silk Route from Turkey to China
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Taking the Silk Route from Turkey to China
Question: Is travel along the Silk Route plausible these days?

Boulder, CO

Adventure Adviser: According to a recent article from a great travel resource (because it was in a competitor’s magazine, I’ll leave the source unnamed), travel along the Silk Route is entirely possible.

With a new railway link from Mashhad to Ashkhabad, you can traverse the entire route from Turkey to China by train. That said, however, doing the trip on your own is highly discouraged.

You’ll be passing through countries in the midst of civil war, the train route is often closed for security reasons, and even small children get their kicks out of trying to rob you of your pocket change.

Outfitters who offer air and rail packages along the Silk Route include Geographic Expeditions’ (415-922-0448) 24-day Beijing to Uzbekistan trip for $5,890. Steppes East (011-44-1285-810267), a British company, offers a tour of Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, and Chinese Turkestan for $3,600. Finally, MIR Corporation (206-624-7289) arranges homestays for groups of 10

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