Taking survival courses through BOSS


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Taking survival courses through BOSS
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Taking survival courses through BOSS
Question: I need information on survival courses and dates through Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

Richard Bailey
Fort Myers, FL

Adventure Adviser: If you’ve never taken a course through Boulder Outdoor Survival School, you’re in for quite a trip.

The mission of BOSS is to “develop the proficiency of primitive skills in an outdoor environment, with minimal dependence on modern technology.” Their primary instruction is in the area of primitive and traditional skills and survival arts developed by both historic and pre-historic cultures throughout the world.

BOSS’s aim is to increase self-confidence and the awareness of oneself in one’s surroundings, enhance interpersonal skills, increase appreciation and understanding of the environment, and increase spiritual awareness.

The 1998 BOSS itinerary includes approximately 15 different course, one of which, Winter Living Skills, is already over for the year. If you’re new to the program, you may want to consider starting with their seven-day Field Course, a condensed version of their 27-day Field Course which consists of orientation, a group expedition, an independent hike, a solo quest, a
student expedition, and finally, the ultimate challenge followed by a celebration.

Dates for the co-ed seven-day course are June 6-12 and August 8-14. Also available are men-only, women-only, and parent-child seven-day courses. The price is $825 per person. The 27-day course dates are June 25-July 21, and July 14-August 9. The price per person is $2,425. Beyond the basics, other courses available are Earth Skills I and II, Aboriginal Living Skills, Boreal
Living Skills, Sonoran Living Skills, Instructor Training Courses, and Wilderness First Responder Courses.

In order to fully understand the kind of experience BOSS offers, I highly recommend you write or call them for a catalog at 800-335-7404 or P.O. Box 1590, Boulder, Colorado, 80306.

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